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SUMMER Programming Class

What is the Summer Programming Class?

Summer Programming Class

Hello again! La Canada Engineering Club is offering another free 2 weeks, ten-day class. This time, we will be learning computer programming using Python as our language. The course will be taught through online Zoom meetings by our club members. Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that is simple yet powerful and is able to be utilized in real-world scenarios. 

Students will learn a variety of basic programming skills such as: if-else statements, loops, functions, and more to prepare them to make a simple game. These skills, although basic, help students build a strong foundation for their programming interests and is a recommended skill to have when entering high school, or joining any STEM related clubs/programs. 

Our mentors will provide a hands-on learning experience and adjust each lesson to the class to help students learn, and more importantly, understand the curriculum. The Engineering Club will also host office hours outside of the scheduled class hours to provide additional assistance if needed.

Summer Programming Class Schedule Summary:
The summer programming class will begin on 7/13/2020 and end on 7/16/2020. Each class will begin at 3:00pm and end at around 5:00pm. 

Day 0 (7/13):  Setup
On the first day, students will create a account and learn the very basics of python. This includes the structure, use of comments, and print statements. At the end of the day, they will be challenged to use their skills to print “Thinking outside the block”!

Day 1 (7/14):
On the second day, students will advance their knowledge and learn about variables, different data types, if/elif/else statements, arithmetic expressions, mathematical symbols, concatenation, and random! At the end of the day, students will put their skills to the test and make mad libs!

Day 2 (7/15): 
On day three, students will learn about booleans and loops (including for and while) within their programs. At the end of the day, they will be able to create a number guessing game!

Day 3 (7/16):
On the last day, students will be learning about functions. At the very end, students will put all skills they learned to use (loops, variables, random, etc.) and create their very own rock paper scissors game!

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