LA Canada Engineering Club

Team Blockheads

Cabinet Leaders

President – Warren Lam

Warren Lam strives to meet the clubs goals in creating a sustainable STEAM program for the community

Advisor – Dr. Kevin Bice

Kevin Bice mentors the cabinet and a member of CORE (Committee Organizing to Reach Excellence)

Vice-President and Secretary – Arjun Karnwal

Arjun Karnwal is a Vice-President of Operations and Communications

Treasurer – Kourosh Salahi

Kourosh Salahi spearheads fundraising and sponsorship committee and monitors the club’s financial accounts

Director of FRC 2429 – Haochen Yang

Haochen (Leo) Yang captains the club’s large robot program FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition)

Director of FTC Advance – Sanjith Cherumandanda

Sanjith Cherumandanda captains the club’s advanced medium-sized robot program FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)

Director of FTC 5921 – Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee captains the club’s rookie medium-sized robot program FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)

Director of FLL – Giselle Ng

Giselle Ng directs and mentors the club’s many Lego engineering programs that participates in the FLL (FIRST Lego League) 

Director of Outreach & Community Service – Madison Ward

Madison Ward reaches out to our local communities and seeks to spread awareness of STEAM amongst the youth

Director of Media and Public Relations – Nicholas Reinoso

Nicholas Reinoso manages all of the club’s media by sending out updates and engaging all of our members through social platforms