What is Summer CAD Program?

Summer CAD Program

La Canada Engineering Club is hosting a four day long Intro to CAD class on the program inventor, days are to be determined. This course will be taught online by the club through Zoom, free of charge. At the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of computer aided design within Autodesk Inventor. In the four day program students will learn basic skills such as: preliminary sketches and designing, creating 3D objects, and assembly of multiple parts. Throughout the process, mentors will provide hands-on learning virtually, as each student will download and use Autodesk Inventor with their personal computer. 

Summer CAD Program Schedule Summary:
The summer CAD program will begin on 6/22/2020 and end on 6/25/2020. Each class will begin at 3:00pm and end at around 5:00pm. 

Day 0 (6/22):  Setup
Students will follow a slideshow presentation to download Inventor, if they have any issues, a Zoom call will be available for the students to ask questions.

Day 1 (6/23):
Students will gain their bearings with the Inventor interface and learn how to draw 2D shapes and turn them into 3D objects.

Day 2 (6/24):
Students will continue to improve on their skills of using CAD with the introduction of fillet, chamfer, 2D Patterns, mirror, and revolve. 

Day 3 (6/25):
Students will learn how to assemble multiple 3D parts together and create a final product. They will then take all their knowledge and complete a culminating project.

Presentations Used

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