Summer Camp

The La Cañada Engineering Club is hosting a fun and engaging summer camp where students from 9th – 12th grade can attend. Students will learn how to use electronic powered tools in our workshop, and program a robot to move autonomously. Here, students will develop a creative mind through the engineering challenges. Programming a robot move in a spline trajectory, or cutting pieces of aluminum, 


Monday (7/12):  Setup
Students will get to learn what FTC is, and the safety within a workshop.

Tuesday (7/13):
Students will learn how to use electronic tools to create cool mechanisms used on a daily basis within our club.

Wednesday (7/14):
Students will continue to grow their skills, and keep working with mechanical.

Thursday (7/15):
Students will get to learn how to program a robot to move autonomously.

Friday (7/16):
On the final day, students will program a robot to use sensors and input from a controller.