Throughout the summer the La Canada Engineering Club holds programs for students who are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of the engineering process. Below is a catalog of different programs we offered. 

Most of these programs have passed but we have recorded lessons within them if you’re still interested in learning.


FLL Summer Camp

La Canada Engineering Club is hosting a week long Intro to FLL. The FLL summer camp is a fun and engaging program where students use the EV3 Lego set to overcome design challenges and finally compete in a sumo competition. Student will learn how to control and program the EV3 Lego set and develop a creative mind through the engineering challenges that’s along the way.

FTC Summer Camp

The La Cañada Engineering Club is hosting a fun and engaging summer camp where students from 9th – 12th grade can attend. Students will learn how to use electronic powered tools in our workshop, and program a robot to move autonomously. Here, students will develop a creative mind through the engineering challenges.

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