Team Blockheads

Cabinet Leaders

President – Warren Lam

[email protected]

Warren Lam strives to meet the clubs goals in creating a sustainable STEAM program for the community

Advisor – Dr. Kevin Bice

[email protected]

Kevin Bice mentors the cabinet and a member of CORE (Committee Organizing to Reach Excellence)

Vice-President and Secretary – Arjun Karnwal

[email protected]

Arjun Karnwal is a Vice-President of Operations and Communications

Treasurer – Kourosh Salahi

[email protected]

Kourosh Salahi spearheads fundraising and sponsorship committee and monitors the club’s financial accounts

Director of FRC 2429 – Haochen Yang

[email protected]

Haochen (Leo) Yang captains the club’s large robot program FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition)

Director of FTC Advance – Sanjith Cherumandanda

[email protected]

Sanjith Cherumandanda captains the club’s advanced medium-sized robot program FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)

Director of FTC 5921 – Chloe Lee

[email protected]

Chloe Lee captains the club’s rookie medium-sized robot program FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)

Director of FLL – Giselle Ng

[email protected]

Giselle Ng directs and mentors the club’s many Lego engineering programs that participates in the FLL (FIRST Lego League) 

Director of Outreach & Community Service – Madison Ward

[email protected]

Madison Ward reaches out to our local communities and seeks to spread awareness of STEAM amongst the youth

Director of Media and Public Relations – Nicholas Reinoso

[email protected]

Nicholas Reinoso manages all of the club’s media by sending out updates and engaging all of our members through social platforms

We still need help in these supporting roles

Outreach Planning & Event Team

managed by Director of Outreach

*Event Planner 1 - 
*Event Planner 2 -
*Social Event Team -
*First Mission Team -
*DEI Team -


Media PR & Branding Team

managed by Director of Media & PR

*Producer - Imogen Lee
*Media Librarian -
*Videography -
*Graphic Designer -


Sponsorship Team

managed by Treasurer

*Sponsor Acquisition - 
*Sponsor Engagement -
*Sponsor Advertising -
*Accounting 501 & ASB - Patrick Thuss